Shipping Agency & Port Service

your trusted partner for unparalleled Shipping Agency & Port Services. Specializing in Bulk and Project Cargo, we excel as Shipping/Port Agents, providing seamless solutions for efficient maritime operations. As Owner’s Agent and Chatterer’s Agent, we navigate complexities with precision, ensuring a smooth voyage for both Owners and Charterers. Count on us as your dedicated Protecting Agent, safeguarding your interests throughout the shipping process. Our expertise extends to Demo/Scrap Vessel Agency, managing every detail of vessel dismantling. Experience swift and secure Offshore Crew-Changes facilitated by our skilled team. At Bengal Wave, we redefine excellence in maritime services, offering tailored solutions that set sail for success. Choose us for a journey where reliability meets efficiency.

Shipping Agency & Port Services include:
• Shipping/Port Agent ( Bulk and Project Cargo)
• Owner’s Agent / Chatterer’s Agent
• Protecting agent for both Owners & Charterers
• Demo/Scrap vessel Agent
• Off shore crew-changes

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The essence of our business is service and customer focus, we realize like no other that receiving timely and accurate information plays a key role.