Underwater Repair & Maintenance

Our skilled team specializes in a range of vital underwater services, including the precision of Underwater Propeller Polishing, ensuring optimal performance for your vessels. We excel in the swift and efficient replacement of underwater anodes, crucial for corrosion prevention. Additionally, our expertise extends to Anchor Chain Search and Recovery, Underwater Removal of Entanglements, as well as precise Propeller and Rudder Repairs. At [Your Company Name], we understand the importance of keeping your underwater assets in prime condition. Dive into a world of excellence with our dedicated team, committed to delivering top-notch underwater repair and maintenance solutions.

Underwater repair and maintenance include :
• Under Water Propeller Polishing
• Under Water Anodes replacement
• Anchor chain search and recovery
• Under Water Removal of entanglements
• Under Water Propeller Repair
• Under Water Ruder Repair

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