On-Shore & Off-Shore Logistics

As pioneers in the industry, we offer a dynamic fleet of Sea-going Tugs, Coastal/Inland Shallow Draft Tugs, Flat Top Barges, Cargo Vessels, and Multipurpose Utility Boats. Our commitment to excellence extends to Coastal and inland Transportation, ensuring your cargo reaches its destination seamlessly. With a focus on Towage Operations, we provide efficient and secure towing services. Trust us with your Project Cargo Handling, where precision and reliability come standard. At Bengal Wave, we redefine logistics, offering tailored solutions that navigate the complexities of transportation. Partner with us for a journey where every cargo is a priority and every destination is within reach.

• Sea-going Tug
• Coastal/Inland Shallow Draft Tug
• Flat Top Barge
• Cargo vessel
• Multipurpose Utility Boats
• Coastal & Inland Transportation
• Towage Operation
•Project Cargo Handling

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The essence of our business is service and customer focus, we realize like no other that receiving timely and accurate information plays a key role.