Underwater Inspection Services in Bangladesh

Our expertise extends across a spectrum of underwater assessments, including meticulous underwater surveys and precise Underwater CCTV Inspections. We specialize in the detailed inspection of marine structures, ensuring the integrity and safety of submerged assets. Additionally, our services encompass Underwater Hull Coating Inspections, guaranteeing the longevity of your vessels. At Bengalwave, we pride ourselves on offering state-of-the-art underwater clearance measurements, providing accurate data crucial for decision-making. Dive into excellence with our dedicated team, committed to delivering unparalleled quality in underwater inspection services. Our Under Water Inspection includes the following:

Underwater Inspection Include

  • In Water Survey – Inspection

  • Underwater CCTV Inspection

  • Underwater Survey of Marine Structure

  • Underwater Hull Coating Inspection

  • Underwater Clearance Measurements

In Water Survey – Inspection

It is a method for inspecting a ship’s hull while floating, without requiring dry-docking. In Water Survey is an alternative to conventional dry-dock examinations and entails evaluating the ship’s hull for irregularities, damage, and organic buildup.

At Bengal Wave, our qualified divers conduct the survey. They measure clearances, clean the hull, visually inspect it, and evaluate the state of the underwater parts. The findings then be sent to the right authorities and shipowners. Our in-water surveys help meet regulatory standards, reduce downtime, enable early issue discovery, are economical, and provide information for maintenance schedules and essential dry-dock work.

Underwater CCTV Inspection

Underwater CCTV inspection is a useful technology for evaluating the status of submerged structures, vessels, and equipment. It enables accurate assessment, safety, timely maintenance, and informed choice-making.

For the procedure, our professional divers use high-technology underwater cameras to capture real-time footage of submerged surfaces. This examines the anomalies or areas requiring attention.

Underwater Survey of Marine Structures

At BengalWave, our certified divers provide expert underwater inspections and detailed reports for marine structure maintenance.

Steel structures in marine environments can suffer damage from harmful elements like chlorides, sulfates, and oxygen in seawater. Our underwater surveys ensure safety and help reduce risks in the shipping system.

Our survey process starts with a shipbuilding survey, followed by ship design and registration. We then test all services, machines, and equipment, including underwater hull cleaning, part polishing, welding repairs, and purchasing services.

Underwater Hull Coating Inspection

Our certified divers are equipped with advanced machinery and technology and deliver top-quality service to our valued customers. We use cutting-edge technical equipment for underwater hull cleaning, including high-resolution cameras for precise underwater hull coating inspection. Our team’s experience will increase vessel speed, reduce fuel consumption, extend dry dock intervals, and enhance antifouling protection after cleaning.

Underwater Clearance Measurements

Underwater keel clearance measurements are essential to ensure rudder clearance and overall vessel seaworthiness. This service comprises examining tail-end shaft wear and taking four particular measurements.

In the challenging maritime environment, static measures alone are insufficient. Instead, continuous elimination occurs between a definite depth and a fixed draft. In restricted environments, depth and breadth are two critical considerations. When problems arise, such as traffic, artificial constructions, or others, the vessel’s breadth or width needs to be considered within a reasonable limit. In confined water conditions, depth plays a crucial role.

Benefits of Bengal Wave’s Under water Inspection Services

  • Expertise in a wide range of underwater assessments and inspections that meet the requirements of the shipping and maritime industries.
  • Advanced technology, such as high-definition underwater cameras, serves for precise and extensive examinations.
  • Ability to conduct in-water surveys saves money and eliminates the need for dry docking for owners and operators of vessels.
  • Detailed reports and results that meet regulatory requirements and enable informed decision-making for maintenance schedules and critical dry-dock operations.
  • A dedicated team of certified divers committed to providing outstanding underwater inspection services, assuring the safety and lifespan of your marine assets.


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