Marine survey services

Discover Bengal Wave’s comprehensive marine survey services tailored to meet the diverse needs of maritime industries. From pre-loading surveys to draft surveys, loading/unloading surveys, lashing surveys, and beyond, our team of experienced professionals ensures meticulous attention to detail at every stage of the shipping process. Whether its on-hire/off-hire surveys, bunker surveys, ship condition surveys, tally surveys, crane surveys, cargo holds surveys, or sealing/unsealing operations, Bengal Wave delivers precise and reliable results to optimize efficiency and ensure compliance. Trust Bengal Wave for all your marine survey needs and experience excellence above and below the surface.

Marine survey services include:

  • Pre-loading survey
  • Draft survey
  • Loading /unloading) survey
  • Lashing survey
  • On-hire /off-hire survey
  • Bunker (bunkering) survey
  • Ship condition survey
  • Tally survey
  • Crane survey
  • Cargo holds survey
  • Sealing and unsealing
  • Sampling and testing
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